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New to the trade?

Making money as a porn webmaster is not easy. Like every trade it requires training, trying and failing. For most people that is the case at least. Some people have skills from similar trades and can go straight into the money advertising porn. If you on the other hand are not that lucky you should give it a few tries and learn as you go. I myself, have been able to generate a steady stream of income with affiliate marketing, after a lot of trying and failing.

Please see some of my best tips for programs and networks to promote below, as well as some misc sites to check out.

Affiliate disclosure: I am affiliated with most of the following affiliate programs and also the other websites linked to below. I am financially incentiviced to add these links.

Benefits of promoting porn

Porn has a very big user base. Millions of people are searching Google and other search engines for porn every day. When you have created a website and marketed it a little you will have a good chance of getting many visitors quickly. Visitors are usually only in for the free porn but some will convert to customers and make you money. It can take time to get enough traffic to have sales on a regular basis but if you create a website that visitors like you can get there. When you start to get sales you will get the benefit of high commissions. Most programs offer 50% recurring revenue share or high ($30+) one time payments for each new member you refer, even for cheap trial memberships. Currently though, the best paying affiliate programs for me, to promote on my porn sites, are for sex cams - Check out Adult Webmaster Empire below that you can use to promote the world's most popular webcam site starting at $150 PPS. Sex cam sites are on fire and now have 10x the amount of daily visitors than that of the most popular premium porn sites!

What is porn affiliate programs?

Porn affiliate programs are partner program that premium porn sites use to get help from marketers and webmasters to promote their sites. You can sign on to all of the programs listed below for free. Most requires that you have a website set up already. If you don't have your own websites or even web hosting yet, you might want to compare some web hosts that accepts porn on their servers. Once you are registered to a program you will find marketing tools in the affiliate area. Most programs will have pictures and videos that you can download and then upload to your own sites and all programs will have affiliate links you can use to monetize the content. Most programs also share hosted picture galleries and hosted .mp4 videos that you can use to create tube sites.

List of the Top 10 Best Sex Cam & Porn Affiliate Programs

#1 Gammae Network / Fame Dollars Porn Network

Promote many different porn sites. Gay, straight, lesbian, fetish sites to mention some. A polished affiliate network with several daily updates with fresh sexy porn you can promote. Each update has several full HD 1080p pictures and hosted videos / embedded videos you can use. Or you can just send traffic to the video galleries which every update also has got (you can use the high res thumbnail picture to send them there (960x544px)). $35 PPS with trials is very good.

#2 Nubiles Cash Porn Program

Teen sites porn paying 50% revenue share. Discount offers all the time (holidays etc). These guys have long experience creating hot content with young models. They own one of the largest and most popular teen nude/softcore sites, Now they've also made lots of new porn sites with hardcore sex. Regular updates with new videos and pictures to use for promotion.

#3 Pimp Roll Porn Program

This porn affiliate program is great, with their high $30 PPS on trial memberships to some of their websites. This includes the HD & 4K UHD porn video site, Wankz, and the VR porn site, Wankz VR.

The most interesting offer part of this affiliate program, however, is in my opinion the offer for POVR. They pay affiliates 60% revenue share for this website and you can get lots of signups in the door thanks to the 2-day free trial. POVR is a VR site with thousands of videos. It is probably in the top 3 - at least - of the best VR sites out there in 2021.

#4 Adult Force Porn Network

This is the adult affiliate network you need to join to make money promoting many of the world's top premium porn sites like Brazzers, PornHub Premium, Reality Kings, and many more. Lots of straight and gay sites. They offer $1 PayPal trials that pay $25 - $35 each sale for some of their sites. They've also got the amateur porn and cam site MyDirtyHobby on there that pay $60 PPS!

#5 Stripchat Cam Program

Live sex cams is the best way to make more money with your porn sites - surfers love to spend money on sex cams and the affiliate payouts reflect that. Stripchat is the affiliate program for the huge sex cam site called Stripchat. At the time of writing this they've got over 3,000 live cams, making them the biggest sex cam site out there to my knowledge. Many of the other sites have stopped displaying the total number of online models. But I remember the other large sites used to have around 2,000 models online at peak times. Stripchat is the only cam site to offer VR cams as far as i know.

They offer a flat 20% recurring revenue share program for affiliates. This is in line with other top webcam programs out there.

#6 Adult Webmaster Empire Cam Program

Promote the largest and most popular adult webcam site online: Live Jasmin. It has all the best features to convert your traffic! It is hosting straight, lesbian, gay and tranny cams of most sex niches. The site usually has over 1,500 live cams at any given time! The models are hosting lots of hot daily shows covering a wide variety of different niches. The site also has easy navigation, streaming thumbnails and no traffic leaks.

Live Jamsin accepts lots of payment options including Bitcoin and PayPal. Commissions are starting at $150 PPS and quickly going up to $200 PPS on your third signup in any pay period. You could also opt to go with the 35% lifetime revenue share program for more recurring earnings. You get access to lots of professional and modern marketing tools with this affiliate program.

#7 Private Cash HD / 4K Porn Program

Private Cash lets you promote which is a huge premium porn site. It was one of the first sites to start shooting porn in 4K UHD. This now means that they've got one of the largest archives of such content. At the time of writing this, they've got about 700 4K videos which is about 10% of their total amount of videos.

They offer affiliates a decent 50% revenue share program. Entice signups with their $1 trial or discounted monthly memberships. They accept PayPal for higher conversions.

#8 Badoink Cash Adult Dating & Porn Program

HIGH paying programs with up to $50 PPS for their VR porn site and up to $70 PPS for their nice dating site!

#9 Manica Money Porn Program

EU porn affiliate program. German, Spanish, Portuguese, "for women by women" porn sites and more. Lots of updates. 50% Recurring revenue share.

#10 Hustler Cash Adult Program

A trusted and well known name in the industry. Lots of high quality porn for your marketing needs. Polished sites and high value porn membership deals.

Need more affiliate programs? You can find many more at - Top programs for the best porn sites online. Not only porn but also high paying adult dating, sex webcam, and xxx gaming programs, as well as webmaster guides and tips.

The start of a new porn webmaster

Making your first porn website can be fun and interesting. If you are into porn anyways. When it comes to website creation it "pays" to work on something which interests you AND that you have some knowledge about. Not only for webmasters huh? This goes for most work and businesses. The knowledge part you can of course gain as you go. The interest part is harder to get if porn already is not your cup of tea. If you already like porn tho, you should ask yourself if there are any particular niches that you like more than others. You can make a general porn site with all niches but it can be easier to focus on specific niches.

Your visitors want to know quickly what they can find at your site. If they know that your site is a great site to find for instance "teen porn" and you have a easy to remember site name and domain name they will come back for more! Getting visitors to come back is a very important part of building traffic to your website and making more money down the road.

How to make a porn site to make money with affiliate programs

There are many popular ways to make a porn site today. Let me mention: blog, TGP, social, tube and top list site. What kind of site you want to create depends on what you are familiar with, and well what you want to start. If you are just starting out and want to make money as fast as possible I would suggest to make a porn blog. If you instead want to start a tube site you could check out the premium scripts over at WP Script to assist you in making a high quality site. Many mainstream bloggers make a lot of money these days and it is definitely one of the easier (and great) ways to get set up promoting porn. A great benefit for porn bloggers is that you can sell a product in every post you publish. Also you can get great content for the blog from the porn affiliate programs like embedded videos and full HD pictures. There are many popular blogging platforms out there but the most popular and a great pick would be to go with the WordPress blogging system. You can read more about how to make a porn website to make you money online over at You'll also find a free webmaster forum at that site you can use for assistance along the way.

How much time and money do you need to get started?

This depends. But one thing is for certain, you need a little bit of both. If you follow the above guide for creating a simple blog you can get away with really low investements in both time and money. You can use a theme (a free/premium blog design) and not having to pay for a web designer or spend a lot of time coding. It can be really plug and play and you can get started cheap and quick! If you have money to invest it makes sense to invest in your site over time. Before you start big promotions for your website you want to have it up and running with maybe 100 posts so that your efforts have a chance to monetize. Then give it another boost with another long running ad on a fellow porn site once you get to 200. How big sites you can afford to buy ad spots on depends on your budget - but it always makes sense to find websites with similar niches. A decent ad spot can cost as little as $20 and up to $500 or $1k for placements on really good sites. An easy way to get a deal done is to contact the webmaster directly and get a yearly deal (for the best value!). If the site you want to advertise on has got no contact form you could try a whois lookup to get the contact e-mail for that site/domain. Once you get a few good ads and some decent traffic you can start free link trades with other sites with similar amounts and niches of traffic. How long it takes for you to get to 100 posts depends on how often you update your blog. If you add 1 posts each day on average it will take you 100 days and if you only have the weekends free and manage to add 5 posts a week it will take you 140 days.